Us messing about during filming some scenes at Moor Street.

  1. Camera: Canon EOS 600D
  2. Aperture: f/4.5
  3. Exposure: 1/160th
  4. Focal Length: 44mm

Tommy’s studio was like an aladdin’s cave. The smell of adhesive lingered in the air and I had a surreal feeling that I was somehow home. My family roots are somewhat a mystery to me. What memories I do have seem to be fading fast but as I sat on Tommy’s workbench I had a wave of nostalgia wash over me; it felt very familiar. I put this feeling to the back of my mind. Tommy had invited me there and I didn’t want to spook him out by asking him ‘Tommy….are you my Father?’ (in a dramatic, Darth Vader from Star Wars type voice!) Not only could this blow my chances of getting fixed and starring in the music video but it would make me sound like some needy, emotional freak! 

After a lengthy examination, followed by an equally lengthy conversation, Tommy was certain he could patch me up. We agreed that he would fix my jeans, I could have had a new pair made but I had grown quite attached to them. They were a present sent to me by my feline friends, Winton and Chintou. Back in 2001 we had starred in a small scale production of The Lion King in London’s West End together. Some may say the pinnacle of my acting career - anyhow we lost touch over the years and I had heard on the actor’s grapevine that they had got a civil partnership and took early retirement and now Iive in the Middle East. I should look them up on Facebook soon - it would be amazing to see them again!

Tommy assured me that my restoration would only take a few days and I wouldn’t feel a thing and sure enough, I was spic and span by the end of that week. Being the middle of a harsh British Winter, I asked Tommy to knit me a beanie hat, which he kindly did. I was looking fresh as a daisy and more than ready to rock and roll.

That weekend we began the filming. Much to my surprise Lydia and Charlotte had been so moved by my story that they worked with Tommy to map out a story board that started with a mirror of my life living at Moor Street progressing to my passage out of there and on to pastures new. We filmed for a month or so, non stop. I worked with Tommy at his studio on the animated sections and Charlotte and Lydia joined us to shoot some footage at Moor Street.

We are all really happy with the finished product and so far we have had some excellent feedback online. I will post it up for you to see. I hope you like it. 

Me at Moor Street station, Birmingham, UK

  1. Camera: Canon EOS 600D
  2. Aperture: f/5
  3. Exposure: 1/60th
  4. Focal Length: 44mm

I’m Pablo, I’m blue and have no nose (sometimes useful, sometimes not). Until recently, I was living at the side of a train track at Moor Street station, Birmingham, UK.

After five hard years of trying to make it in the world of acting, I found myself homeless and living in a rut (literally a rut, well more a groove in-between train tracks). I’ll be honest with you, I was close to dismantling myself and ending it all. As far as I was concerned, my insignificant existence of being a ‘not quite puppet’, half smurf ‘thing’ was really wearing thin and I started to develop serious identity issues. 

I would sit day dreaming for hours about how amazing it would be to become as famous as the Smurfs, Sonic the Hedgehog or even that blue alien thingy from Avatar! I fantasised about getting that call from Papa Smurf…but alas it never happened. 

Then, it was as if one of my far fetched day dreams came to fruition. I remember the day like it was yesterday, it is etched on my mind forever. It was coming up to December 2012, icy cold and the snow was definitely on its way. The harsh Siberian wind was biting at my felt covered face. If I wasn’t blue already, I certainly would be after another freezing night here. It was frostier than Theresa May at a gay pride march! (Just because I’m blue, it does not mean that I am a Tory!)

Anyway, I was in a bad way. I hadn’t eaten in days, the hunger pangs were consuming me so I climbed out of my hovel to search for a half eaten Gregg’s pasty (Ok, beggars can’t be choosers and anything would have sufficed, but I am partial to a Gregg’s cheese and onion pasty!). That’s when I heard it, faintly in the distance, the sweetest sounding music I had ever heard.

I lifted my head like a dog trying to catch a scent on the breeze, like I was trying to smell where the melodious sound was coming from but I quickly lowered it remembering I don’t have a nose so probably looked rather odd!

The sounds floated through me, putting me in an almost trance like state. I had to find where it was coming from. Like a rat following the Pied Piper I stumbled my way along the platform stopping only briefly to peer inside a discarded Gregg’s bag. Much to my disappointment the bag was empty. 

At the end of the platform, I found it. Two musicians singing and playing. One held a shiny instrument (which I now know is a trumpet) and the other delicately strummed a guitar. I sat down and listened for what seemed like hours, the harmonies ran through my blue veins and as I listened to the words, I found myself relating to them - the song was written about me, it had to be. I could make out the lyrics, they sang ‘things are going to change…’ I had to talk to them.

I finally plucked up the courage to go over and as they finished their song, I climbed up onto the open guitar case laid out in front of them and introduced myself!

What happened next was beyond my wildest dreams. We chatted about how I had ended up living at the station and about their music. Lydia (the one playing the guitar) explained that they were planning to have an animated music video made. The trumpet player (Charlotte) told me about their friend, Tommy Grainger who has a studio where he creates and constructs models of characters and brings them to life, just like me! I could feel my heart filling with joy. I kept thinking ‘this is it, my lucky break at last’.

They both sensed my enthusiasm and asked if I would be interested in meeting Tommy. I caught a glance of my reflection in Charlotte’s trumpet. I looked a right state! I agreed immediately. Could Tommy be my saviour, patch me up and get me on my feet again?